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Beauty On The Go: ColourPop In Bloom

One of the prerequisites of any product getting past the review stage and onto a post on this site is that it has to be good. There are a lot of “okay” products out there. There are plenty of “good enough” products. But when a product and/or collection is WOW GOOD (nay, great,) that’s when I’ll write about it.

This makeup collection is rated G for “Good” by the Incessantly Testing Beauty Writer, and worthy of your attention.

First of all, the palette was created by celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg. Jamie works on pretty much everyone you see on the red carpet these days: Lizzy Caplan, Kaley Cuoco, Rashida Jones, Beth Behrs, Jordana Brewster, etc. It was her work with Lucy Hale that brought us together on a story, and we met, became buds, and the rest is history.

Jamie and I were in the middle of a phone interview for a trend story, and she said in Jamie Speak (she puts emphasis on words that she wants to stand out,): “OH MY GOD. You MUST TRY this new palette. I will HAVE them SEND it to you. YOU…I can’t…YOU WILL LOVE IT.” I think Jamie is hysterical, and not only is she kind of a big thing on YouTube now, but she also knows her stuff when it comes to products. Don’t believe me? Watch her Orange Is The New Black Commissary Makeover video. I mean…just watch it. It’s amazing.


I digress.

She co-designed the palette with the brand. She knows what she’s doing. I’m not inclined to disagree with a world-renowned makeup artist. Said palette arrived. I cracked it open, and proceed to apply it in a rush out the door. Specifically, Tongue Tied blush ( the warm coral in the middle…)

…and Sweet Thing, which is the cool deep pink at the top.

“Nice lip,” says random dude on the street.

“What lip color are you wearing?” says the woman on the subway.

I basically proceeded to get compliments on my appearance for the entire afternoon. Had I gotten more sleep? Did I do something to my hair? Nope. I essentially walked out of the house in long-wearing makeup that made me look pretty. Effortlessly so. Two swipes of color on the cheeks and a 10-second lip, and I was awash in “You go girl” approval for at least eight hours.

That’s a good makeup collection in my book.

The blushes are beautiful and deliver a wash of color that can build pretty easily (which comes in handy for flash photography.) The Lippie Stix (Sweet Thing, Frenemie, and Freshman from top to bottom in that photo) are super pigmented and long-lasting without drying.

Jamie was right. I absolutely LOVE it, and I think you WILL TOO.

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