Try the Trend: How to Wear Wide-Legged Pants to Work

Try the Trend: How to Wear Wide-Legged Pants to Work

Right before I left for the beach, I had a conversation with one of the photographers that work with me on this site, Ashley Sears (who, coincidentally also took these gorgeous photos,) about doing so-called “outfit photos.” Because, in all honesty, I knew I needed to do them differently.

Here’s the deal: very few of us out here have the financial means for an endless wardrobe, nor do we have the closet space. Real talk: I live in a studio apartment in New York City, so closet space is at a premium. There’s no way I could conceivably shop for a brand new outfit (or have one sent over) every single week. It’s just not how I want to operate.

I’m like most of you in that I pick out the one piece I want to add to my wardrobe and then work my other clothes around it. Anything that gets invited into my recently cleaned closet (more about that epic unearthing next week) has to be versatile enough to be worn at least three different ways. Which sparked the way these photos will be done in the future. The feature piece is the only new item. Everything else is stuff I already own. Because that is the way I really shop, style, and live in my clothes.

This week’s featured piece is an awesome pair of flowy pants. Well, technically they’re Zara Drapey Pleated Drawstring Trousers ($59.99,) but I like the word “flowy.” I spotted them online and practically broke the land speed record to get them at the Fifth Avenue store. These pants feel like you’re wearing super-dramatic pajamas all day. They’re long, so you need a little heel with them (ask Ashley about the epic tale of how I tripped during the shoot in front of a sidewalk full of tourists,) but they’re gorgeous, versatile, and can be worn for both work and play.

The first way I wanted to show them was a style I would wear to work. Since we’re still sort of between seasons in New York (oh spring, wherefore art thou?) and we shot this in freezing rain (another epic story Ashley can tell you,) I’m in layers. Like, layers upon layers. But a long-sleeved or thin turtleneck with a jacket will look very 70’s chic with these pants. A boot with a great heel will also look marvelous with these. When spring FINALLY arrives, just wear a lighter blouse and a blazer with the pants and a great pair of wedges or cutout bootie. I really got into this after browsing on I needed a change from the regular.

Do not fear the flowy pants. They are your friends. Also, anything that makes you feel like you’ve gotten away with wearing your pajamas out of the house is a winner in my book.

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