20 Awesome Lipsticks in Honor of National Lipstick Day

20 Awesome Lipsticks in Honor of National Lipstick Day

According to everyone in the beauty industry, today is National Lipstick Day. I didn’t know that when I left the house today, but I’m into it. I’m a huge fan of the transformative powers of a good lipstick.

Having a crappy day? Throw on a good lip. Need a shot of extra courage to go tackle that all-important meeting? Behold the power of a good lip. From getting a loan at the bank to turning all the right heads in all the right places, there isn’t a beauty product that has the power of a good lipstick.

If you’re thinking mascara, you have a good point but I’ll counter with this: if you have undereye bags and you need to hustle out of the house for a quick errand, mascara can’t save you. Lipstick and sunglasses can.

As a lifelong fan of the good lip, I thought I’d celebrate this day with all of my favorite lipsticks. Some of them are old friends, some are rather new. But all of them are transformative.

Oh, and don’t let that green item from Lipstick Queen down there scare you. When you apply it, it morphs into the perfect rose pink for your skin tone. I’m not kidding. It’s like a mood ring for your mouth.

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